January 2021 EQRS News

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In This Issue:

EQRS Computer Specifications

FInal PSRs & PSCs Available

PART Verification

ICH CAHPS Attestation

Clinical Closures

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Conditions for Coverage for ESRD Facilities

ESRD QIP Questions

EQRS Minimum Computer Specifications

Computers used to access the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Reporting System (EQRS) must meet a minimum set of specifications in order to use the application. These specifications include:

  • Operating System – Any modern operating system that can run Chrome
  • Screen Resolution – Minimum of 1280 x 1024 (lower screen resolutions are not supported)
  • Web Browser – Chrome 86.0.4240 or newer
  • Internet Connection – Broadband
  • Java must be enabled – Java Version 11
  • Viewing Reports – In order to view reports, the following programs must be installed:
    • Adobe Reader 15.0 or later (required to view reports in PDF format)
    • Microsoft Excel 2016 or greater (required to view reports in Excel format)

Source: https://mycrownweb.org/education/eqrs-minimum-computer-specifications/

Final PSRs & PSCs for PY 2021 Available

As a reminder, Payment Year (PY) 2021 End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) Final Performance Score Reports (PSR) and Performance Score Certificates (PSC) are available to download.

ESRD QIP reports can be accessed via the QIP Scores tab within the ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS). As a reminder, all PSCs must be posted from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021.

No PART Verification in EQRS Use Patient Roster Report

Do I need to complete PART Verification in EQRS?

Users are not required to complete Patient Attributes and Related Treatment (PART) verification in EQRS.

CROWNWeb users historically completed PART verification at the start of each month to assist with verifying the accuracy of data on the Admit/Discharge, Patient Attributes, and Dialysis Treatment Information screens.

CMS did not include PART verification in EQRS in order to reduce users’ data reporting requirements. However, users can continue to confirm the accuracy of patients’ data by using the Patient Roster Report on the Reports screen in EQRS.

The Patient Roster Report allows users to run and print a report which includes all patients present at the selected facility(ies) within the user scope as of a specific date.

Go to the Reports screen in EQRS to access the Patient Roster and/or Patient Events Reports.

Complete ICH CAHPS Attestation, If Needed

Each year, CMS provides facilities with the ability to use EQRS to attest that they are not eligible for the In-Center Hemodialysis Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (ICH CAHPS) Reporting Measure if they treated fewer than the number of eligible patients over the course of the entire eligibility period.

From January 1, 2021 to March 1, 2021, these facilities are able to use EQRS to attest that they did not work with a CMS-approved vendor to administer the ICH CAHPS survey in 2020 because they treated fewer than 30 eligible patients during the Calendar Year 2019.

Clinical Closures

Clinical closure dates apply to all Collection Types (Hemodialysis; Peritoneal Dialysis). Additionally, clinical data submissions apply to all submission methods.

September 2020 Clinical Month February 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT
October 2020 Clinical Month February 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT
November 2020 Clinical Month February 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT

The information included as part of this newsletter is current as of the date of release.