Updated Dialysis Facility Care Compare on Medicare.gov: Data Now Available

April 27, 2022

Updated Dialysis Facility Care Compare on Medicare.gov (DFCC) Data Now Available

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pleased to announce that new data about dialysis facilities are available on Dialysis Facility Care Compare on Medicare.gov—the website where patients and health centers can view and compare quality data about dialysis facilities. CMS uses these data, organized into a series of measures, to create a star rating system that helps ensure safety, quality, and transparency for dialysis facilities and that helps patients make educated decisions about where to get their dialysis treatments.

What’s in the April 2022 Refresh?
With the April 2022 refresh, patients and facilities can now see the latest data from dialysis facilities on Dialysis Facility Care Compare on Medicare.gov.

CMS has released the PY 2022 ESRD QIP public reporting files. The files contain scoring and measure performance for ESRD QIP measures as well as any associated payment reductions, for all eligible outpatient dialysis facilities in PY 2022.

Data Updates:
On April 27, 2022, CMS updated data on the Care Compare website and on the Provider Data Catalog,  website for the following measures, measure groups quality reporting payment programs:

Patient & Family Engagement


Care Coordination   

  • Standardized Readmission Ratio (SRR)
  • Standardized Hospitalization Ratio (SHR)
  • Percentage of Prevalent Patients Waitlisted (PPPW)
  • Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up

Clinical Care

  • Kt/V Dialysis Adequacy (comprehensive)
  • Vascular Access
    • Standardized Fistula Rate (SFR)
    • Long-term Catheter Rate
  • Standardized Transfusion Ratio (STrR)
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Ultrafiltration Rate (UFR)


  • NHSN Bloodstream Infection (BSI) in Hemodialysis Patients
  • NHSN Dialysis Event Reporting
  • Medication Reconciliation (MedRec)


Medicare beneficiaries, facilities, stakeholders, and interested members of the general public can find this information on Care Compare, as well as the Public Reporting & Certificates page on the ESRD QIP section of CMS.gov.

For further assistance regarding the information contained in this message, please contact the ESRD QIP Support Team through the QualityNet Question and Answer Tool.