Add Mineral Metabolism Information


CROWNWeb allows Facility Editors, Network Patient Editors, CMS Editors and System Administrators to manage, i.e., add, update, delete, search and view clinical information for eligible patients at a facility in their scope. An eligible patient is a patient who was admitted to the facility within your scope and had a treatment record in the hemodialysis modality for at least part of the selected clinical month.

If the patient did not receive any treatments at this facility during the reporting month, click the checkbox which states No Clinical Data Available For All Collection Types, and then click Submit. This means that there is no Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, or Vascular Access data available for this patient for this month.

The Hemodialysis Manage Patient Clinical Values screen is divided into 8 clinical areas. These areas are:

Mineral Metabolism

The steps required to add Mineral Metabolism information are:

  1. Search for the desired facility and patient (see: Search for Clinical Values).
  2. Select the Mineral Metabolism link from the menu bar. The Manage Patient Clinical Values screen refreshes and the Mineral Metabolism clinical area displays in the Clinical Values portion of the screen.
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  3. Enter Mineral Metabolism data or click the N/A check box for each field if the lab is not available for the patient. If this completes all of the required clinical entries, click Submit. If not, continue entering clinical information.
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If you do not have data for one or more entries click the N/A checkbox between the data field and the Date field.

  1. If all required entries were made, CROWNWeb displays the message "Successfully submitted clinical data".
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