Search for a Facility


Users can search for a facility or facilities in one or more ESRD Networks using any search term on this screen, Facility ID, facility name, facility DBA, facility CCN. facility NPI, phone number or fax number. A list of facilities based on your search criteria begins to display after you have netered at least three letters/numbers of the search criteria..

The user can search for a facility using either the basic Search Facilities screen or the Advanced Search Facilities screen.

The procedure to search for a facility is as follows:

  1. From the EQRS Dashboard screen, click the down arrow to the right of the Facilities link and click Search Facilities. The Search Facilities screen displays.
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  2. Enter the facility search criteria. As soon as you have entered the three letters of the search criteria, the name of facilities meeting that criteria are displayed.
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    If the desired facility does not display, click the Show all results link., The Facility Search Results screen displays a list of facilities that meet the search criteria.
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  3. The Facility Summary screen displays information for the selected facility.
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