When CROWNWeb presents a Notification to a facility, Facility Editors can review the Notification and take action on it.

If you accept an Identity Notification, CROWNWeb update your patient's record with the information in the Notification. Information that can be updated as part of an Identity Notification include:

Event Notifications can also be accepted. However, you will have to go into the patient's record and manually update the event information to resolve this type of Notification.

The steps to accept a Notification are as follows:

  1. From the Home screen, click Patients. The Search Patients screen displays.
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  2. Click the Action List link. The Action List screen displays.
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  3. Click the Notification link. The View Notification screen displays.
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  4. Click the Accept drop down from the Action list. The View Notification screen refreshes.
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  5. Click Submit. A warning that the information is about to be updated displays.

    NOTE: For Event Notifications, you will need to manually edit the patient record. CROWNWeb will not automatically update the patient record for you when you accept the Notification.
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  6. Click the "To ignore warnings, Please select this checkbox and Submit" checkbox, and then click Submit a second time to change the information. The information is updated.
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