View Admit/Discharge Summary

The View Admit/Discharge Summary screen provides information about a patient’s admission and discharge: dates and reasons for admission and discharge, and facility that admitted and/or discharged the patient.

There are three key hyperlinks on this screen: the Admit Date link to view or edit a patient’s admission record, the Treatment link to view a patient’s current treatment, and the Treatment Summary link to view all treatment details about a patient.

Additionally, there are two other links: the Admit Facility link to access the associated Admit Facility record and the Physician link to access physician information.

Upon submitting the admit/discharge record, the system checks to see if the changes made to this record impact any existing clinical data. If so, warning messages specific to the problems encountered are displayed, requesting corrective action to be taken.

To view a patient's admit/discharge summary:

  1. From the Home screen, click the Patients link. The Search for Patients screen displays.
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  2. Enter the patient criteria, and then click Search. The Patient Search Results screen displays.
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  3. Click the desired patient's CROWN UPI link. The View Patient Attributes screen displays.
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  4. Click the Admit/Discharge Summary link.
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  5. The Admit/Discharge Summary screen displays.
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