Verify PART Data


PART (Patient Attributes and Related Treatment) data is a minimum set of patients’ personal information and treatment history that come from data entered on the Admit/Discharge, Patient Attributes, and Dialysis Treatment Information screens. It is for patients currently assigned to facilities in a user’s scope, and must be verified at least once per month to maintain the ESRD Patient Registry.

The PART search Filter includes:

 To view PART data:

  1. From the Home screen, click the Patients link. The Search for Patients screen displays.
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  2. Click the PART link in the sub-menu. The PART Verification screen displays.
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  3. Set the search Filter or enter the Use Date Range, and then click the Search button. PART data for patients who meet the search criteria set at the selected facility displays.
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You must verify the accuracy and/or completeness of the PART information for the selected patients at that facility by clicking the patient's name in the Patient Name column. Clicking this link opens the View Patient Attributes screen from where the Edit Patient hyperlink is located. Apply any necessary edits, and click the Submit button. The system validates the changes and, upon successful validation, stores the updated record in the database.

  1. Click the checkbox in the All/None column for patients that you have verified have correct and complete data, and then click Verify.
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  2. The PART Verification screen displays the message PART Verification - X Patient Records Verified.
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