Modify Personnel Information

CROWNWeb Facility Editors can change information about facility personnel and positions. However, they can only modify personnel and positions for users within their scope. If the Edit Personnel screen for an inactive person is opened, the foregoing fields including the checkbox and buttons become disabled.

There are two ways to access the Edit Personnel screen: from the Personnel List for Selected Facilities on the Providers menu and from the Search for Personnel screen.

To edit a personnel record:

  1. From the Home screen, click the Facilities tab. The Search Personnel screen displays.
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  2. Enter or select the Personnel search criteria, and then click Search. The Personnel Search Results screen displays.
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  3. Click the Personnel Name of the desired staff member. The Personnel Details screen diaplsy.
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  4. Click the Edit Personnel link. The Edit Personnel screen displays the personnel’s current information and positions.
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  5. Make the necessary changes in any or all sections of the screen including adding a new position or removing an existing position for the personnel, and click Submit.
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  6. The Personnel Details screen displays the message "Personnel Sbmitted."
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If there are no errors, the system updates the personnel information and displays the View Personnel Details screen. If there are errors, the system displays a message at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to make the necessary changes and re-submit.


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