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Please note that any and all patient information contained in this help file is fictitious.

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There are three sections that make up this help file - Contents, Index and Search.


For definitions, please refer to the CROWNWeb Glossary of Terms.

A list of procedures for each book is listed beneath. Click a procedure to view the steps.


Click on Index to display a list of key words contained in the library. You may enter a word in the area below Type in the keyword to find; or scroll through the list and select the desired term.


Click on Search to enter a word to search for and then click Go. A list of all topics containing that word will be displayed.


Following each step in a procedure is a link to view a screen shot of the page. Click the Click here to view image link to open the image and click the Click here to hide image link to close the image.

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In the upper right-hand column of each topic is a Navigation Bar. The Navigation Bar allows you to view information and topics related to the current topic, as well as send a copy of this procedure to a designated printer.


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