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CROWNWeb is a Web-based data-collection system that allows Medicare-certified dialysis facilities to comply with Section 494.180(h) of the 2008 Conditions for Coverage for End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities (CfCs). CROWNWeb allows dialysis facilities to securely submit their administrative and clinical data directly to CMS in real-time.

Prior to accessing CROWNWeb, users must determine the role in which they will serve, and complete the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) and QualityNet Authorization and Role Management (QARM) account registration process to obtain an User ID. For details regarding EIDM and QARM roles and the account registration process, please refer to the EIDM and QARM Quick Start Guide.

In order to use CROWNWeb, a user must enter his/her User ID, password, and a one-time system-generated multi-factor authentication code on the QARM Login screen. Once the users access has been validated, CROWNWeb opens the Home screen where the user can navigate to any area of CROWNWeb.

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