CROWNWeb Minimum Computer Specifications

Computers used to access CROWNWeb must meet a minimum set of specifications in order to use the application. These specifications include:

  • Operating System – Windows XP SP2 or higher (Mac OS is not supported)
  • Screen Resolution – Minimum of 1280 x 1024 (lower screen resolutions are not supported)
  • Web Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers are not supported)
  • Internet Connection – Broadband (dial-up modem connection is not supported)
  • Browser Configuration – To display CROWNWeb correctly in Internet Explorer, the browser must be configured as follows:
    • Pop-ups must be allowed for CROWNWeb domain QualityNet
    • Java must be enabled – recommendeded Java version 7 Update 45
  • Viewing Reports in CROWNWeb – In order to view reports, the following programs must be installed:
    • Adobe Reader 10.x or later (required to view reports in PDF format)
    • Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater (required to view reports in Excel format)

Please ensure that your computer meets these minimum specifications in preparation for the National release of CROWNWeb.