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loveyourkidneysCROWNWeb: What’s In It for You (ESRD Patients)

Delva, Oniel — NKF Love Your Kidneys April 2012

“With a commitment to advance the quality of care for ESRD patients, CMS is improving the renal community’s ability to view important patient treatment data by changing dialysis facilities’ data submission methods… read more

endoflifecareCROWNWeb: From Paper-Based to Electronic CMS-2744 Forms Data

Delva, Oniel — Nephrology News & Issues April 2012

“Beginning with CROWNWeb’s national release, all Medicare-certified dialysis providers will have the ability to electronically submit their annual CMS-2744 ESRD Facility Survey forms to their ESRD Network office for acceptance… read more

handCROWNWeb: Enhancements, Phase III, and the National Release

Delva, Oniel and Barry, Michelle — Renal Business Today July 2012

“On June 14, 2012, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) embarked on a new leg in its journey to advance the timeliness and accuracy of data for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) beneficiaries by implementing the national release of CROWNWeb… read more

practiceCROWNWeb: Three Months In

Delva, Oniel — Renal Business Today August 2012

“During the early phases of CROWNWeb, facilities using the system served as representatives of the user community. Their experiences assisted CMS with finalizing a minimum set of specifications that all computer systems must meet in order for CROWNWeb to operate at its optimal capability… read more

onielcoverCROWNWeb: System Enhancements, the ESRD QIP, and Things to Come

Delva, Oniel — Nephrology News & Issues April 2013

“The CROWNWeb system now gives CMS, dialysis facilities, and approved stakeholders the ability to access, update, track, and analyze important patient treatment data via one secure electronic source… read more

Articles from 2011

renal business today 12-06-2011CROWNWeb: Expanding Facilities’ Ability to Report Patient-Based Data

Delva, Oniel — Renal & Urology News November 2011

“Facilities continue to strive to prevent access-related infections, and CROWNWeb will aid in these efforts by providing units with a means to monitor trends and assess changes in access-related infection rates over time… read more

AAKP Renal Flash October 2011CROWNWeb: Electronically Reporting Impacts on Patient Care Efforts

Delva, Oniel — AAKP Renal Flash October 2011

“CROWNWeb will give facilities the ability to monitor dialysis adequacy, vascular access, mineral metabolism, and anemia treatment, as well as review data associated with patients’ influenza, pneumococcal, and hepatitis vaccinations; site of dialysis access infection; and cause of hospitalization… read more