CROWNWeb 4.9 Vaccination Fields

On January 5, 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released CROWNWeb 4.9. As part of this release, enhancements and new field elements were added to the Influenza Vaccination and Pneumococcal Vaccination fields on the Clinical screen.

Historically, the vaccination fields have followed a carry-over logic – allowing submitted data to carry-over from month to month. However, since these enhancements introduced new functionality and fields, Influenza Vaccination and Pneumococcal Vaccination data submitted prior to the release of CROWNWeb 4.9 will not carry over. (Note: This change does not impact data submitted for Hepatitis fields.)

CROWNWeb will continue to follow the carry-over process for all new data entered in 2016 for Influenza Vaccination, Pneumococcal Vaccination, and Hepatitis fields. Please note that even though the previous immunization selections are no longer visible in CROWNWeb, previously submitted data are stored in the database and will be included as part of the Clinical Extract for November and December 2015 reported data.