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Annual Facility Survey

At the beginning of each calendar year, Medicare-Certified Dialysis facilities and Transplant Centers are required to complete the CMS-2744 Form (the Annual Facility Survey). This survey is a final count of all patients and treatments provided by a dialysis facility (Form 2744-A) or transplant center (Form 2744-B) during the prior calendar year. Additionally, the survey documents vital facility and patient demographic information, including Medicare Coverage, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Facility Staff counts.

Accurate data on this report provides the ESRD Networks and CMS with obtaining a count of all patients, as well as additional demographic information contained in the ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS) and CROWNWeb. CMS uses the data collected to create a National Annual Report. This data also provides census and dialysis information for special projects, and may be utilized by local, regional, and national entities once published.

Completing the CMS-2744

Facilities complete the CMS-2744 Form in the CROWNWeb system. Each transplant center and dialysis facility representative (determined by facility management) must electronically complete and submit the CMS-2744 for review by the due date specified by their ESRD Network. Prior to completion, each facility should ensure that all patient records are accurately reported in both their corporate systems and in CROWNWeb. This may include double checking the Patient Attributes and Related Treatments (PART), verifying admissions and discharges, and running CMS-2744 reports in CROWNWeb. Completing these tasks prior to initiating the CMS-2744 helps to ensure an accurate count in all CMS-2744 fields and may eliminate the need to correct form errors with your ESRD Network later. Data that is not in the CROWNWeb System will not be reflected on the electronic CMS-2744.

Although most CMS-2744 Form information is pre-populated by CROWNWeb, facilities must manually calculate and enter personnel counts and treatments on the form before submission. Each facility will be required to manually enter the total number of in-center hemodialysis treatments (including all training treatments) and all other treatments during the calendar year. Personnel counts must include full time, part time, open full time, open part time positions for RNs, LPN/LVTs, PCTs, APNs, Dieticians, and Social Workers.

Once these tasks have been completed, the form is ready for submission to the ESRD Network for review.

Lifecycle: CMS-2744

Each CMS-2744 follows a complete “lifecycle” before it is submitted to CMS. In some cases, this cycle may need to be repeated. Each step of the cycle is just as important as the one prior, and facilities will be able to track the progress in CROWNWeb. Please use the below picture as a guide to the CMS-2744’s complete lifecycle.

Life cycle: CMS-2744

Register for CMS-2744 Training

On February 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern, the OCT team will conduct a webinar training on the CMS-2744 Annual Facility Survey, followed by a repeat of the training session on February 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern. Register for the training at www.MyCROWNWeb,org by selecting the Education Tab to access the Training Calendar.

Additionally, step-by-step instructions are currently available for reference in the Help file at www.MyCROWNWeb,org.

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